Premier project New designs pending

Available in addtional marble and onyx.

“During the design process of Norman Van Aken’s new West Los Angeles restaurant, we realized the integration of materials and architecture presented a creative challenge.We were determined to stray from traditional terrazzo and cement floors, yet needed an artisan inspired floor that was seamless and durable.

I worked with Area Code, using their unique architectural wall and floor systems for over 12 years. I discussed our dilemma with Michael Fay, owner of Area Code, and chose “Miscela”, their new hybrid terrazzo/mosaic floor system for the restaurant’s most prominent areas, including the “Celebrity Exhibition Kitchen” (approximately 1600 sq. ft.). We selected a Golden Onyx mosaic with a coordinated matrix of specially formulated terrazzo."

"I chose to put the floor completely in their hands and they performed their premier installation without a hitch.

Area Code’s “Miscela” seamless floor provided us with a stunning floor solution, that complemented our overall design scheme.”

Michael Guthrie,
architect for Norman’s (Van Aken’s) Restaurant
located at West Sunset and La Cienega